IoT is coming. It will be everywhere.

IoT is coming. It will be everywhere.

The imminent roll-out of fifth generation cellular networks (5G) will trigger a surge of technological advancements in machine-to-machine networking. Think intelligent appliances, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities. We commonly refer to these types of systems as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

IoT represents a technological paradigm shift and will quickly penetrate existing markets and even create new ones. By gaining competence in IoT, you will be better prepared for this emerging trend.

NDC Oslo is hosting our two-day Rapid Prototyping for IoT workshop. We will cover the most important IoT concepts using a hands-on approach. Workshop participants will complete interactive exercises using a custom-made controller. The controller has various hardware components pre-soldered to the printed circuit board.

Backside of the controller

As we will be using an embedded version of the Python programming language, called MicroPython, this workshop is accessible for software engineers at all levels. Python is incredibly easy to learn, enabling you to focus on the hardware aspects.

Attendees get to keep their device after the workshop, so they can demo their new knowledge back at the workplace.

Early prototype

We hope to see you there!